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Agile FileMaker Development

Agile Filemaker development

Whether you require a simple FileMaker database to boost productivity, an industry specific FileMaker Software Solution or a website linked to your FileMaker Pro database,  the FMStudió can fulfill your needs.

We can provide you with FileMaker Software Licences, install the software and have you set up and running within hours!  We can also convert all your Excel files into one FileMaker Pro database, allowing for easier finding, sorting, reporting & sharing, within the workplace.

If you are currently using ACT!, Goldmine or Access, we can migrate the data to a more robust FileMaker database – which we can customise to your specific business requirements. We can also finish partially completed FileMaker projects, picking up where it may have become too complex or time-consuming for your previous developer.

We provide a one-stop-shop throughout the project management process – from initial investigation, business analysis through to solution design, building & testing, deployment & implementation. Alternatively, you can hire one of our FileMaker Consultants on a daily basis, and manage the project yourself.

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Dependable Support

We offer 5 levels of FileMaker support – Ad Hoc, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Class. The difference is the amount of time and money you are prepared to commit to your systems in order to safeguard your investment. The more hours you commit to, the lower the hourly rate.

The more critical your system is to your business operation, the more you should consider a ‘Service Level Agreement’. The Service Levels are reflected in the various levels of support in terms of response times to incidents or requests for support and resolution times to problems and issues. This provides a level of comfort & dependability should any software incidents occur or you need FileMaker support with quick turn-around times.  The importance of this cannot be stressed enough.

If your FileMaker systems are core to your business, then a service level agreement is imperative. Be rest assured that the performance of your business systems will be maintained and the integrity of your data protected - leaving you to get on with what you know best – your business.

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World Class Hosting

While FileMaker Databases can be easily shared over a Local Area Network, the cost of setting up a quality Server within a professional Production Environment, can be prohibitively expensive.  As a consequence, having invested in the development of their FileMaker Systems, companies often cut corners when it comes to provisioning their FileMaker Servers.

To help companies overcome this problem, we provide a professional production environment dedicated to FileMaker hosting. Our fast, fault-tolerant XServers running FileMaker Server Advanced v11, v12 and now v13, provide fast reliable internet connections to our clients’ FileMaker Pro databases, leveraging our existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of  setting it up themselves.

Cloud Computing, iCloud and other spurious terms can often discourage companies from subscribing to these services because they don’t know the exact location of where their valuable data is being kept or how secure it is. Unlike many off-shore hosting services, our Servers are physically located at the world class Global Switch Data Centre – 400 Harris Street, Ultimo – Sydney. (

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