Hosting Partner Program.

Enhance your customer service offering by adding the FMStudio’s dedicated hosting services to your portfolio.

Enterprise-Class Infrastructure:

SMB budgets don’t typically allow for enterprise-class infrastructure or much-needed technology updates. Our managed hosting solutions give small & medium businesses access to true enterprise-class infrastructure that is fully supported and maintained – without the capital expenditure!

Industry-Leading Security:

Small & medium businesses are often working with tight resources, which means the complex and ongoing task of IT security can often end up de-prioritised, leaving sensitive data at risk. Using a managed hosting provider gives small businesses access to security services, designed entirely with sensitive data in mind, as well as support and backup maintenance.

Dependable Support:

Our support team is here to assist you and your customers and help ensure the highest levels of application availability, performance, and security.

Customised Hosting Solutions:

theFMStudio can work with you to tailor a hosting solution that meets your customers technical and business needs. This can range from a single managed server to a multi-node managed private cloud. All our hosting environments include a managed firewall, secure storage, and continuous data backups. The FMStudio makes it easy to cost-effectively scale your clients’ dynamic business needs and growth.

With theFMStudio’s managed hosting environment, any size business has access to streamlined IT facilities, reliable and scalable infrastructure with enhanced data security.

What’s in it for you?

  • Partnering with theFMStudio and adding hosting to your portfolio of services, will help to secure your business relationship with your clients, and widen your opportunity for new business.
  • Increase your revenue, with no investment or overhead!
  • Having your customer’s files hosted with us is a win win situation for all. Your clients will be impressed by your new offering and will be happy to trust you with their files. In turn, you can trust that our infrastructure will provide 99.9% availability, the fastest access speeds and protect their most sensitive data.

Our hosting services are second to none – please click here to read more about the hosting services we offer. If you are an FBA member or an independant developer with a number of FileMaker customers, then contact for the Partner Program details. We look forward to welcoming you and your clients into our growing family of highly valued hosting clients.