Why host with us?

Simple. To save time, and money.

One of the easiest ways to save time and money these days is to take your FileMaker System, and push it to the cloud. Not iCloud, our Cloud.

We are a dedicated professional FileMaker Cloud Services Company and we’re here to help. Instead of managing your own machines, drives, and networks to access and share data with your team, you can have it all done for you offsite, with us. More specifically your system would be residing on one of our dedicated FileMaker Servers which itself is a rack unit housed in a secure cabinet, along with many other cabinets that are housed within a secure cage, on a secure floor within a world class secure building – namely Amazon Web Services Data Centres and the Global Switch in Sydney. In one fell swoop you’ll avoid having to buy servers, manage servers, upgrade software, and the worry about security and backups (you make backups, right?).

Is my business too small?

Not at all! Hosting with us offers benefits to everyone – large teams, small teams, and even teams of one. Putting your data in a professionally managed, secure, and up-to-date environment that is accessible from any device, anywhere, is a game changer. One way many of our clients have been saving money and aggravation lately is to take their FileMaker solutions online too. In years past, serving your FileMaker solution so that your entire team could access it simultaneously and/or remotely would entail you buying a dedicated machine ($1K+), buying FileMaker Server ($1.2K), setting up secure hardware firewalls, plus various levels of network/IP admin duties which you either do yourself, or pay someone to do for you (more $$).

Value for money?

Absolutely! Our rates vary, but basically to have a single file FileMaker solution hosted with us will cost less than $70 a month. Our online uptime is extremely reliable, speed as good as it gets, and of course, your files will be accessible from anywhere in the world. Checkout our hosting plans.

Just how secure is it?

Very. Data tends to be sensitive, so it is of the upmost importance for us to keep all of our servers secure. It is also in our interest to do so, since it’s our reputation at stake. It’s every bit as password protected as it is on your own machine, leveraging FileMaker’s security tools and more… All of our servers provide secure access and are configured with SSL AES 256-bit encryption (Server to Web-pages and Server to Clients – FileMaker Pro Advanced/Filemaker Go) and have current, valid 3rd Party certificates. FileMaker v14-18 now offers the ability to configure files to be encrypted “at rest” – meaning the files can also be secured on the local machines or mobile devices. We can even provide your users with SSL VPN connections if required.

So, to recap.

If you need to share your FileMaker database with anyone, think twice about trying to host it yourself. Your best bet is to outsource this to someone who can do it better and cheaper than you. Less costs, and certainly less headache. That’s us.

Contact us and we’ll have you up and running in no time…