FileMaker Go Overview

FileMaker Go is an App you download from the App Store or iTunes to enable you to access your FileMaker database from your iPad, iPodTouch and iPhone – while you’re on the go. With FileMaker Go, being mobile will help you:

  • And your Sales Staff close sales deals faster by uploading signed contracts from the road.
  • Update project status and task lists from the job site to keep everyone on track and up to date.
  • Log research results in the field and send real-time updates to the lab.
  • Scan bar codes in the warehouse to instantly update inventory levels on the sales floor.
  • Collect patient data in the examination room for immediate access by doctors and nurses.
  • Use FileMaker Pro to create iPad and iPhone solutions that run in FileMaker Go.
  • Choose from a variety customisable Starter Solutions specifically designed for use on iPad and iPhone for popular tasks, like managing contacts, tracking assets and creating invoices.
  • Apply Touch themes specifically designed to make your forms look great on iPad and iPhone.
  • Upload solutions created with FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Server or email to your iPad and iPhone for use in FileMaker Go.
  • Add, edit, search, sort and report on data using FileMaker Go to instantly boost productivity.
  • Scan barcodes to instantly see associated data appear in the appropriate fields.
  • Capture signatures while on the go.
  • Add photos, videos and audio from your device directly to your database with a few taps.
  • Create executive dashboard summaries so key indicators and business metrics are always at hand.
  • Print report and forms over the air directly from your iPad or iPhone using AirPrint.
  • Note: Real-time updates to a centralised database requires that files are hosted with FileMaker Server.