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Virtual Machine Specifications

Our FileMaker hosting environment is second to none. As one of our highly valued hosting clients, you’ll be leveraging the infrastructure we have in place and taking advantage of the benefits of ‘Cloud Computing’. 

Secure • Reliable • Resilient • Flexible • Scalable • Cost-Effective • High Performance • Virtual Private Servers • Peace of Mind…

dual core 4GB machine

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quad core 8GB machine


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8 core 16GB machine


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CPU ClonesDualQuad8 Core
Disk Space | Backup SpaceMin 40 GBMin 40 GBMin 40 GB
Security 256 EncryptionSSL CertificatesSSL CertificatesSSL Certificates
Max No of Files125125125
Maximum Bandwidth*100Mbps100Mbps100Mbps
No Setup Feeicon-checkicon-checkicon-check
Auto Backup Scheduleicon-checkicon-checkicon-check
FileMaker Server Console Account (if Required)icon-checkicon-checkicon-check
Managed Servicesicon-checkicon-checkicon-check
Cost Criteria:   

You will no longer be charged based on the number of FileMaker files you host with us, nor will their be extra costs for additional user ‘concurrent’ connections. You will have your own dedicated Virtual Private Server – configured to your specification.

As no other users will be using your server, this will not only increase the security of your systems (having your own SSL Certificates | 256 Encryption) but also provide you with all available resources and services reserved for you and your users (CPU | RAM & Storage).

If you are new to the FileMaker platform or keen to upgrade & migrate your system to your own Virtual Private Server, please contact us and we will discuss your requirements and provide you with a monthly cost estimate based on the following:

  • The specification & type of Virtual Private Server we recommend (This is often based on  the number of User Connection Licenses you require and the application of your system)
  • Data storage file size (capacity) & 
  • Number of backup snapshots required.
  • Amount of Data usage -transfers in/out. (data In is free)
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Note: * Actual bandwidth largely depends on the ISP services and the broadband you subscribe to.