Employment Policy

Executive Summary.

Advanced Database Systems (trading as theFMStudio) believes the most safe and productive workplaces are built on mutual respect, open and transparent communication and through fostering an environment for employee development. Our views on workplace relations are founded on the following principles:

Safe and Engaging Workplaces

Employees have a right to a safe and productive work environment that supports ongoing training and development in fulfilling jobs.

Diverse and Inclusive

The policy supports diversity of thought, gender, experience, ethnicity and sexual orientation that will deliver superior capability in the workplace.

Reward Aligned to Performance

While ensuring a fair and reasonable salary comparable with similar positions in the same industry, we encourage aligning the reward of employees with better business outcomes.

Free from Unacceptable Conduct

We are committed to treating all people with dignity and respect. We believe in the right of all people to work in an environment that is harmonious and free from unlawful discrimination or harassment, workplace bullying and victimisation. This policy applies to the conduct of everyone working at ADS in the treatment of employees, sub-contractors, clients and suppliers. It applies when people are working outside normal business hours, on or off-site and during work related functions.

Employee Obligations.

Employees must:

  • perform their duties to the best of their abilities, skills and knowledge.
  • serve the company faithfully and diligently and comply with company policies.
  • treat their colleagues, clients, or anyone else associated with the workplace, with dignity and respect.
  • not unlawfully discriminate against anyone in the workplace (i.e: treat anybody less favourably because of their sex, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnic origin, religion or disability, or other attributes protected by anti-discrimination or any other applicable laws).
  • not bully, harass or victimise anyone in the workplace.
  • if they see or experience any Unacceptable Conduct, report it as soon as possible.
  • only make complaints of Unacceptable Conduct based on truth and fact, and not intentionally make false or vexatious allegations of Unacceptable Conduct.
  • complete online awareness training from time to time.
  • keep their skill levels current, undergo training and certification where necessary.

Employer Obligations.

Employer must:

  • ensure that all employees comply with company policies
  • ensure that all employees are aware of, abide by and respect the policies, security & safety procedures and regulations of the companies clients.
  • represent the company in a highly professional manner – conducting themselves professionally in all aspects of their work and interaction with their colleagues, clients, or anyone else associated with the workplace.
  • take all reasonable steps to ensure that ADS’s workplace is free from all forms of Unacceptable Conduct, including: leading by example; treating all complaints seriously and taking prompt steps to resolve any complaints under this policy.
  • require all employees to regularly complete online awareness training.
  • provide training on request regarding their responsibilities.
  • provide training in various technologies and certification where necessary.


Employees or the company may terminate employment at anytime by giving the other one months notice of termination (or by the company making payment in lieu of notice).

  • The company may terminate an employees employment at any time without notice if:
  • an employee is found guilty of serious misconduct
  • an employee disobeys a lawful direction of the company
  • an employee breaches a material provision of their Employment Contract and/or Letter of Offer; or
  • an employee is found guilty by a court of a criminal offence.

This purpose of this policy is to provide interested parties with our company’s values with regards to employment. It serves as a guide to prospective employees and a reminder to current employees. It outlines the company’s expectations from its employees in terms of its code of conduct, culture and expected behaviour.

The company values and those of its clients, are an integral part of the Terms & Conditions of employment. This includes employees always being required to act in a professional manner, in a way that promotes self esteem and in the best interests of the company and its Related Bodies Corporate – as defined by Corporations Law.

ADS Pty Ltd | Company Director.