Apple Silicon support for FileMaker

The FMStudio, based in Sydney NSW, is reaching out to draw their community’s attention to the fact that low-code development leader Claris now offers native Apple silicon support for FileMaker Pro.  As a result, users who are just tuning into the update may expect the platform to take advantage of the power of Apple silicon-based computers. This version of the world famous database and software development tool now offers a quick-start app builder as well.

The FMStudio has long considered this update to be inevitable, practically from the moment Apple first revealed that they were switching to an in-house chip during their groundbreaking presentation in mid 2020. This was not a difficult prediction to make, they acknowledge, as anyone with even a minor stake or interest in the technology world would have known that developers would be keen to capitalise on the sheer leaps in performance that Apple promised. This hope was stoked even further when the first generation of Apple silicon products made it into the hands of developers and the general public, proving conclusively that there was a great deal of truth to the Cupertino giant’s promises.

One major point that macOS users with pre-Apple silicon systems should take note of is that Claris has confirmed the upgrade will not interfere with their Intel-based systems’ performance. In fact, Claris has explicitly stated that FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server are the first low-code universal macOS binaries that will work great on new Apple computers and still deliver excellent performance on Intel-based Mac computers. This is good news for those who still have yet to make the switch.

Claris has also lowered the bar for entry for low-code developers even further, including a carefully designed quick-start app builder that requires very little coding knowledge to use. Instead, FileMaker Pro utilises a highly intuitive drag-and-drop interface that virtually transforms it from a low-code platform into a no-code app builder, a detail that Claris is evidently quite proud of and eager for their community to try out – particularly new users without any coding experience whatsoever.

FileMaker apps can now be created in mere minutes, with a massive expanse of tools and options available under the full FileMaker Pro feature set. Claris believes that this opens up development to even more people, especially those with no formal background in technology, allowing for better cohesion between team members with disparate abilities as well as enabling new users to reasonably consider moving into a career in tech.

A more detailed breakdown of FileMaker Cloud Hosting and app development capabilities can be found on the FMStudio website. As their clients can attest, the company has long used the FileMaker development platform to create powerful solutions to a wide variety of platforms, along with ongoing support, maintenance and Cloud and Managed Services. As such, they welcome any enquiries from their community regarding Claris’ new software and look forward to delivering results for their clients.

Recent reviews serve to illustrate how invaluable the company’s services have been to their clients, particularly where unavoidable obstacles require creative solutions and a high degree of cooperative effort. Chris Payne from Customer Engagement Australia awards the company a flawless rating for their work, explaining that, “ We employ trained Australian staff who work from their home offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Ahead of the trend/Covid response to remote staff deployment, the business has operated since 2013, with the FMStudio providing excellent Claris FileMaker® database products and services as the operational base for our team. The FMStudio is reliable, safe and cost effective.” The review also notes that the company responds to enquiries promptly. Jamie Mather of Worldwide Migration Partners has similarly high praise to share. Their review states, “ The FMStudio has been a reliable tech partner to our company as we have grown, providing invaluable tech support and guidance to our staff promptly whenever it’s been needed. Our internal operations rely on our hosted databases being up and running. The FMStudio has earned our trust over the years, and we heartily recommend them”. Furthermore, Simon Rees – Director of Rees & Co Wines stated, “Ian and his team delivered a brilliant solution to a complex requirement. And did so while working with my limited budget – showing me where I could add value myself. I’m super happy with the outcome. I highly recommend these guys”.

Further details regarding the FMStudio’s services can be found on their website, and company director Ian Pirrie can be reached to discuss prospective projects in greater detail. The team can also be reached through their social media platforms.

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