What are Managed Services?

Providing Managed Services to small & medium-sized businesses with limited IT budgets,  assume responsibility for your Systems & Server Environment intended to maintain continuity of service, improve operations & cut your costs.  This may include but is not limited to: 


  • Monitoring status of FileMaker Server – Database Server, Web Server, Web Publishing Engine, ODBC/JDBC connections verification & validation that all services are up and running.
  • Monitoring & tracking of server performance – Including Linux Operating System and FileMaker Server statistics (CPU % Usage, Memory % Usage, Network Throughput [Bytes per Second],  Disk Throughput [MB per Second]). 
  • Monitoring FileMaker Server logs – warnings, errors, info etc.. and responding accordingly. 
  • Checking & installing FileMaker version software updates/upgrades/security patches from time to time.
  • Database optimisation tasks (file compression/compacted copies – removing free space, reducing file size improving file access speeds and streamlining data access).
  • Administration of FileMaker Licenses, license Keys & licenses types.
  • Maintaining configuration management: administrative and technical.
  • Server configuration & connectors for WebDirect, ODBC/JDBC, Server-side Plug-ins & FileMaker Data API’s where applicable.
  • Capacity planning & monitoring of Server hard drive space.
  • Server Reboots from time to time.
  • Server backups and backup scheduling, verification & validation of all backup schedules.
  • Checking server & system continuity including maintaining source code and; software version control.

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