Australian Breath Analysis Laboratory

abal_250x150When you really need a breath test.

ABAL is an independent, clinical laboratory that provides kits and analysis for the Urea Breath Test to detect Helicobacter pylori H. pylori infection and the Hydrogen Breath Test for determining lactose intolerance.

In the past, claims were batched and submitted by using encrypted emails – back and forth, to Medicare, for payment. Working with both ABAL and Medicare, the FMStudio redeveloped their in-house FileMaker system and built an additional application, to communicate and interact with the Medicare Online claims system – known as Eclipse. Instead of completing forms and managing emails, the practice staff can now send patient claim information directly from FileMaker to Medicare through a secure internet connection. This Medicare claiming channel has provided a big difference to productivity, cash-flow and patient service.

Having successfully integrated the Medicare Online CA with their FileMaker solution, the FMStudio is acknowledged by Medicare and has achieved the Medicare Notice of Integration.