Avant Card

avant-card_250x150Avant Card is a progressive, dynamic advertising medium that has connected brands with people since 1992. Over the years Avant Card has grown to be the only free postcard advertising company in Australia with more than 1,600 quality distribution points. In 2010 Avant Card produced over 19 million postcards nationally. Postcards were created in the 19th Century as a source of communication and since the beginning they have been used as a form of advertising. Once considered an alternative medium, Avant Card is now recognised as an essential part of the media process for promoting an extensive range of products and services.

Avant Cards are free postcards displayed in a variety of interesting and diverse venues that can be accessed by more than 6 million viewers each week. Avant Card has established a comprehensive reach into the urban consumer market. Their postcards provide a creative and visually stunning cutting edge media format for advertisers.

They have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and have their FileMaker Systems hosted at the Global Switch, Sydney – with the FMStudio.