Screen Australia

screen_aus_250x150Promoting the Australian Film Industry.

Screen Australia was a newly established Australian Government agency operating under the Screen Australia Act 2008 (Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts).

Screen Australia commenced operation on 1 July 2008, bringing together the functions of the Film Finance Corporation Australia (FFC) and Film Australia Limited, as well as most of the functions of the Australian Film Commission (AFC).

The creation of Screen Australia heralds a new era in Australian film and television, expanding the potential of the industry and the opportunities for the more than 50,000 people it currently employs.

Screen Australia aims to be a strong centralised funding body, encouraging greater private investment in Australian film and television and building on the enormous contribution the industry already makes to the Australian economy.

Their goal is to develop, produce, promote, distribute and provide access to diverse Australian programs, and support the development of the Australian screen production industry, so that Australian screen content is accessible nationally and internationally.

The FMStudio provided daily support for many years. This support included over 70 of their FileMaker Solutions, which in turn provided the various systems, programs and processes that helped make this large government agency run.