Screen NSW

screen_nsw_250x150Bringing the Film Industy to NSW.


Screen NSW supports and encourages people and projects in the digital media, film and television industry in many ways. Some programs assist specifically in project development or provide production investment. Others focus on skills development, fostering industry and audience development or encourage production in regional New South Wales.

Furthermore, New South Wales is an international leader in film and television production featuring outstanding industry infrastructure with world renowned technical and creative expertise, combined with a range of spectacular, unique and versatile locations.

Sydney, with its state-of-the-art studios, cosmopolitan lifestyle and leading production and post production houses is the centre of the industry, with regional NSW playing an increasing role in hosting major film and television productions.

New South Wales has been the location of choice for recent foreign feature productions such as Star Wars Episodes I, II and III, Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions, Stealth, Mask II – Son of Mask and Superman Returns. New South Wales has also hosted international television series such as Farscape and is a prominent filming destination for international television commercial production.

In July 2008, the FMStudio was commissioned to undertake the consolidation of the Screen NSW Systems and provide a centralised CRM, program and integrated project management system. The Project included an extensive data cleansing exercise, cleansing tens of thousands of records. Over the years, their system has grown to include the management and disbursement of Project grants and much more. They remain a valued client of ours to this day.