University of Sydney: Faculty of Law

univ_syndney_250x150 Faculty of Law.

The requirement for an associate professor within the law school, was the need to create a database to store all the case law and academic articles he’d read and provide easy access to them when he needed to find information. So, a simple document management system was designed, to electronically capture, record, store and retrieve the data entered and a user friendly interface developed to allow for the administration, tracking and management of this information.

The stored documents (articles, case reviews etc..) needed to take the form of scanned documents or electronic documents in any format (including: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, xml etc..). Each record in the database not only needed to capture and store a copy of the actual document, but provide additional ‘metadata‘ (additional information about the data stored) including certain additional attributes, categories and subcategories. For example the name of the case or article, the citation, author’s name (if it was an article) and a field for entering comments about the case or article.

Most importantly, the system needed to have a facility to intuitively search and easily find the information about any case or article, based on any of the attributes, categories or sub-categories. The University of Sydney with its many faculties, departments and business units, remains a valued member of the FMStudio portfolio.