Voiceplus Pty Ltd

telstra_250x150Telstra Enterprise Partner.

Voiceplus provides telecommunications solutions – mobile phone, fixed line phone, personal data, data networks, vehicle installations and vehicle tracking – for business customers. They are a small Australian-owned family business based in St Leonards. VoicePlus is a licensed Telstra Premium Dealer. In 2008, we were asked to provide FileMaker support and development services for their comprehensive Business Management System. This has included application upgrades, integration with online services and the extensive further development of their original system.

The FMStudio managed VoicePlus’ migration from FileMaker version 6 to version 9 in 2008, and since then has added many new features and re-engineered system processes to match changed business needs. Some of these new features include: –

• automated processing of customer support and courier delivery confirmation emails received using the MailIt plugin.

• automated processing of customer orders from a web-based ordering system.

• company-wide customer email management using the MailIt plugin.

• automated reminder and order confirmation emails.

From mid 2010 to late 2011 the FMStudio developed and implemented a comprehensive TEMS (Telecommunication Expense Management System), to enable them to provide a new service to their corporate customers. This system processed large, company-wide telephone and data bills to allow for expense reporting and analysis by service or by company organisational unit. There were also facilities to provide individual, team and management-level reports on an automated batch system that used email for distribution. In addition, there was a facility to allow management to request employee explanation of over budget or unauthorised expenses via a web-link in emailed reports. The automation of the bill processing and email reporting used an expandable system of multiple ‘robot’ computers to process tasks entered by system users.